Dr Martens x Lazy Oaf

I sold my soul for a pair of shoes. Again.


I knew this collaboration was going to sell out fast so of course I prepped and made all my plans to ensure that the buying of the boots would go smoothly. It did not go smoothly.

I’m not going to pretend I’m one of those bloggers that can just drop £160 odd (student discount) on a pair of boots and not notice. Most of my other DMs I’ve bought second hand or on sale, this is my sixth or seventh pair I think but only my second that I’ve paid full price for. I did have to borrow some money from my wonderful Nans until my Vivienne Westwood bag has sold, and luckily my family are very supportive of my Dr Martens addiction.


So first I’ll talk about my buying experience… It was not good.

I placed my order on the Dr Martens website at 10:20am on the morning in question and for six hours they allowed me to think my order had gone through and been successful. They had taken the money from my bank account before sending an email after 4pm saying I was going to be given a refund due to lack of stock, this refund was going to take 3-5 working days which prevented me from buying elsewhere.

I was brave, I called the customer service line. I left my complaint and was laughed at. I had been polite and kind, explained my issue and accepted their response. It had been explained to me that their website only updates stock every 24 hours and I pointed out that during the sale of a limited edition collaboration, that update should be changed to every 5-10 minutes as they do sell out incredibly quickly and it wasn’t fair that I was out of pocket for almost a week for nothing.

The woman I spoke to made me feel like a silly little girl getting upset over a pair of boots but screw her, I had every right to be upset! So of course I cried, I cried because I felt stupid.


I called my Nans and explained what happened and she very kindly offered to lend me the money to buy the boots from Schuh whilst I waited for the refund from Dr Martens to come back.

I have never experienced customer service on such polar opposite sides of each other. Schuh went above and beyond to ensure my dream boots would belong to me in 3-5 working days! My lovely boyfriend Stephen was on the phone to them for me because I’d gotten so worked up and anxious talking to the DM customer service representative, but the lovely Laura and Melissa that we spoke to were incredible, so helpful and kind, we had a laugh about the hold music and I felt sooo much better and I felt understood!


Then the boots of dreams had arrived, all the stress was worth it, I got the text saying they were ready to pick up from my local Schuh store! I hopped in the car and went to pick them up, the bag was insanely heavy. As soon as I got home I ripped open the packaging and gawped in awe of the shoe box, cutest branding everrrr and the innersole of the shoe was the same; the signature Lazy Oaf eyes with cute little hearts around the DM logo.


The very next day I sent excited messages to my friend Hannah about styling the boots and how badly I wanted to shoot outfit photos. I have the best most supportive friends who are always up for taking photos with me and planning blog posts, I’m very lucky in that as a lot of people aren’t so lucky in their friendships.

We only had an hour to shoot and Hannah didn’t know how to use my camera so I wasn’t hopeful but as you can see, we got some fantastic shots!


The double sole is so exciting, makes me feel like the goff (yes two ffs, I’m not a goth, I’m a goff) queen I once was before dying my hair from black to ginger and swapping my all black wardrobe for a mostly pink one…

After wearing the Jungle Boots all day I felt so tiny and short when I took them off, at 5ft 4″ I love the extra height!

The heart zip and velvet lace details are incredible and *unpopular opinion* love the ‘my life is boring’ writing on the back of the boot, as, alas, my life is indeed boring.


Did any of you guys manage to pick a pair up from the DMxLO collaboration? Let me know and leave links if you’ve blogged or Instagrammed or Tweeted about them!

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