Guilty Pleasures Q&A



1. TV Show.

Ex On The Beach‘ – I am ashamed of how much I love binge watching this show.

2. Book.

I have a few books I don’t like to read in public such as ‘Children Who Kill‘ and the like…

3. Song.

‘Youngblood’ by Hilary Duff from the Gem and The Holograms movie soundtrack. It’s such a banger!

4. Band.

There aren’t many bands I’m ashamed of listening to but there’s a few I wouldn’t play out loud for other people to hear… Fifth Harmony, ‘Work‘ is SO GOOD! An artist though would definitely be Jason Derulo! I’ve been playing ‘Swalla‘ every day whilst showering.

5. Purchases.

Every time I spend money on something that won’t ‘last forever’ like food and make-up. Basically stuff that runs out, I feel guilty for buying – even though I do use them until they run out???

6. Activity.

I recently tweezed one of Stephen’s nostril hairs and now I can’t stop thinking about doing it again. I think I just enjoyed seeing his eyes water…

7. Habit.

Eating in bed. Especially food that leaves crumbs. Future Meg haaaates me for it but I just love it.

8. Movie.

Tokyo Tribe‘ (2014).

“In futuristic Japan, a cannibalistic yakuza boss and his bloodthirsty lieutenant start a war with rival gangs.”

It’s like a rap battle musical. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Weirdest thing I’ve ever loved!

9. Game on your phone.

Best Fiends‘. Yep, seriously. I still play it.

10. Website.

Buzzfeed. In my defence I only use the app for the quizzes! I just need to ‘Answer These Six Questions And We’ll Guess How Many Times You’ve Cried This Month’.

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Do we share any guilty pleasures? Let me know yours in the comments!

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