What’s The Tea? With The Tea Shop Hull

Hull’s Trinity Market very kindly sent me some of their loose leaf tea from The Tea Shop which is located in their indoor marketplace.

I received the Summer Tea, Earl Grey Blueflower and Detox Fruit Tea from The Great Tea Blender. As soon as I opened the envelope my nose was assaulted by the beautifully romantic fruity and flowery tea scents.

I only started drinking tea a couple of years ago – how unBritish of me! However, I’ve exclusively been drinking Pukka’s Three Mint tea as it helps with the constant chronic pain my stomach has me in every day.

I’m very excited to get going with this review!

summer tea 1

I asked my parents and my bestest gal Ashleigh to come round for a tea party to sample and review these flavours with me, so here’s a little about them;

Dad: Pat – 52 – Facilities manager of a high school – Hot drink of choice: English Breakfast tea with a drop of milk.

Mum: Louise – 46 – Employability officer at a university – Hot drink of choice: Hot water with a slice of lemon.

Ashleigh – 23 – Residential support worker – Hot drink of choice: Chocolate orange flavoured hot chocolate.


summer tea 2

We tried the Summer Tea on Friday afternoon. The label describes the ingredients to be black Chinese tea, rose petals, marigold petals, safflower petals, cornflowers and natural flavouring.

I copied the instructions on the front of the packet by putting one teaspoon of leaves per person into my diffuser and leaving to brew in my teapot full of boiling water. I left it in for five minutes which was in the middle of the recommended three to seven minutes.

To quote Ashleigh; ‘it’s not gross!’ As you can tell, she doesn’t drink tea so if she likes it it must be a corker!

The Summer Tea blend doesn’t necessarily taste how it smells, though both are simply lovely. Very flowery (as it should be judging by the ingredients) but somehow fruity! It’s difficult to come across a warm drink that refreshes your palette but this was very easy to drink and didn’t make me thirsty for a cold glass of water like most teas do. I found it gained more flavour as it cooled down, the less it burnt my tongue, the more flavoursome it became.

It smelt of mango but tasted like elderflower according to my dad, and as soon as he said it, it clicked in my brain! That was the fruity smell I was trying to identify.

To quote my mother; ‘OH MY GOD I CAN DRINK THIS!’ She was beyond excited to find a hot drink she genuinely enjoys the flavour of that isn’t just hot water with a slice of lemon!

Meg: 7/10

Ashleigh: 6.5/10

Pat: 5/10

Lou: 9/10

summer tea 4

earl grey 1

On Monday evening I put the kettle on for me and my dad to try the Earl Grey Blue Flower, also known as Lady Grey. It’s made up of China black tea blended with blue mallow blossoms. The same routine as before, I filled a (different) teapot (yes I have many) with boiling water, popped two teaspoons of the leaves into my diffuser and let it brew, except this time I left it for seven minutes as I prefer a stronger flavour.

It came out a beautiful clear amber colour and no dust or bits of leaves were present in the bottom of my teacup which is a nice unusual surprise for loose leaf tea! It held a very strong Earl Grey scent but no trace of a floral smell.

My mum, again, was very pleasantly surprised with this one too! I think I may have converted her to a tea drinker…

I enjoyed this tea the more I drank it, it certainly grew on me. I polished off about a cup and a half! Quite cooling on the tongue with a crisp floral aftertaste, I’ll be holding another tea party with this blend again.

My dad recommends it highly for anybody wanting to start drinking Earl Grey but doesn’t want to jump in at the deep end with the full-on standard Earl Grey.

Meg: 5/10

Pat: 8/10

Lou: 8/10

earl grey 2

fruit detox 1

The next day, Tuesday, Ashleigh and myself had popped into town and upon our return were all excited to try the last tea sample, the Detox Fruit Tea. I had been so pleasantly surprised by the first two flavours, I was sure this one would be to my taste as well.

“This plentiful fruit based green tea has a little bit of everything, liver protecting Mulberry, detoxifying milk thistle, stimulating green sencha and digestion aids such as ginger and dandelion with lavender, rose, lemon grass to calm, all topped off with a zingy fruit mixture of raspberry, mango and citrus! Cleansing, relaxing, detoxifying and stimulating.”

The recommended brewing time was between five and ten minutes, I left the strainer full of leaves in the teapot for 8 minutes and wasn’t overly impressed with the colour of the tea that was poured out. We left it for a further five or so minutes and it had only slightly changed, still very clear and a fair amount of tea ‘dust’ had come out whilst pouring.

The aroma was beautiful, really fruity and barely any hint of a tea smell. Unfortunately the taste didn’t match the smell. I wish the ginger flavour would’ve been stronger and the raspberry to compliment it but I could only really taste a nuance of mango and green tea.

Ashleigh felt it had a slightly bitter finish, whereas I thought it was quite crisp. It made both of us very thirsty for water though.

Oddly it made us both feel very sleepy so the relaxing aspect seems to work! Neither of us completely finished our teacups but we both fell asleep about an hour later after Ashleigh had gone home, neither of us knew the other napped until we both woke up almost two hours later!

If you’re a mango fan, this tea is definitely for you but sadly not to my taste.

Meg: 4/10

Ashleigh: 3/10

fruit detox 2

You can find Trinity Market’s social media here, here and here.

You can find The Tea Shop’s social media here and here. They also sell a selection of distinctive teaware, I’m dying for the Dead Bod mug!


How d’ya take your tea? What are your favourite hot drinks?sign off

Disclaimer; these products were sent to me free of charge by Trinity Market in exchange for a review.



  • Beautiful photos! I like the sound of the detox fruit tea best. I need to expand my tea horizons for sure (and invest in a tea pot!) Xx

  • I enjoyed your post about tea. I live in the US and I drink both coffee and tea, a lot of coffee actually. I have been making fresh teas from the herb garden. Today I felt stressed and had a bit of lemon balm and spearmint. The lemon balm is delicate and a good mood enhancer. Great post.

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