Hello, Auntie

Hello Auntie Ruth!

I’m a lot like you, so you know I’ll never be able to articulate how I feel about you in conversation or in a text or over the phone so I wanted to blog about you.


I have your temper, your patience (or lack thereof) and we share the Appleton knees. We also share the same determination, resilience, drive and passion.

You’re funny, you’re kind and you’ve helped shape who I am, and I’m pretty fond of myself, so thank you.

Thank you for treating me like a grown up when I was 11 and we went on shopping trips together. Thank you for taking me on my first girls holiday to Greece when I was 16. Thank you for asking me to photograph your wedding. Thank you for bringing Rose into our lives, she’s incredible. Thank you for showing me I don’t have to settle down and start a family at 22, I’m definitely not ready!


I love you, and Mark and Rose! I’m grateful for every single thing you’ve ever done for me and I promise when I eventually pass my driving test I’ll visit more.

And yes, this fountain of adoration was provoked by the fact that we’re booking Disneyland, however, that does not make it any less true!

sign off


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