Humber Street Sesh 2017!

Since 2014 (???) I have worked on one of the pop up bars at Humber St Sesh, however this year I decided to just attend!

I went with my parents and my friends Rosie and Alex as they are the bunch that are as old-person-minded as me and would want to go home early (I feel all the shame, I’m only 22). I don’t like queueing to pee, I don’t like queueing for a drink and I don’t like being near drunk people without a bar to separate me from them! However, I love live music, I love art and I love Hull.


Humber Street Sesh is held on the East side of Hull’s marina and the festival gates open at 11am and close at 11pm. Pre-event tickets cost £10, £15 on the day and early bird tickets were/are available in November and December at £5! This year there were 14 stages and 200 acts performing, now in its sixth year, audiences of 30,000 have become expected! There’s always a full arts itinerary as well as plenty of food & market stalls and I always always always go to the noodle bar.


When we arrived at around 2pm we exchanged our tickets for wristbands and ventured off into the crowds. First stop was Something Entirely Different‘s stall where I bought three of their “Maftin'” t-shirts (one for me and two for my friends that couldn’t attend), designed by the incredible Ellie Clark! They were raising funds for HubA* and enough money was made to fund the plumbing, drainage and wash system costs for their screen printing space.

*Hub-A is a new, non-profit building in Hull City Centre providing studio spaces & offices for creative souls and companies as well as print room, photography studio, meeting spaces, work experience and more!


We went for a wander around the stages to see if anything caught our ears and on the way we stopped by the live painting area, covered in tonnes of graffiti, where I found my lovely pal Jazz getting her art on!


Then we popped to the bar for a gin and found a spot in the audience to watch the Team Extreme halfpipe show where two rollerbladers, two scooter guys, a skateboarder and a BMX man did some super scary tricks and made my mum keep yelping.

Rosie and myself came across the Dr Martens photobooth van!


And our photo came out perfect, first go! Model material or whaaaaaat?


We made our way aaaalllllll the way over the the Rock Stage (we had to neck our drinks and exit the festival area to go into another area???) where we watched Of Allies’ set which was great! Sadly they were the only band we saw but they did not disappoint.

You’re not in Hull unless you’ve seen some kind of chip spice thing somewhere around… CUE THE HUMONGOUS DECK CHAIR! Which I couldn’t get out of…


We pottered about for another hour or so before doing the grumbly British thing of wanting to leave but not knowing if everyone else was ready or not so we popped off home, had some drinks and watched Grease!

For a more aesthetically pleasing recount of my day, watch the vlog below!

I cannot wait for HSS2018, I’ll definitely be staying longer!

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  • I watched your vlog last night and it looked like you had a lovely time! I’m an old lady too and never want to stay places late, people just assume I’m boring (I probs am haha!). The Dr Martens photo booth is right up my street, I’ve never seen one before so I am a little jealous!!!
    – Lauren xxx

  • Looks like you had a great time! I love posts like this, probably because I’m nosy and like to see what everyone is up to! Haha. The DMs photo booth looked cool too. I love a photo booth! X

  • This looks absolutely amazing I’ve never heard of this festival and it sounds brilliant! The dc marten booth is fab I hope I come across one one day haha x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  • This sounds like such fun! I can’t believe you can get early-bird tickets for so cheap, too. And now I’m TOTALLY in the mood for noodles!


    • It’s totally worth visiting next year if you’re local-ish!
      I’m aaaalways in the mood for noodles haha! xx

  • I’ve never heard of this event but it looks great. It looks as if you had a fantastic time! I really love the look of the noodle bar x

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