Embrace Your Face

I’m very lucky that I’m no longer bothered by my bad skin. It has been around ten years since I first got acne, my skin fluctuates between relatively okay and absolutely awful but I never let it stop me leaving the house without make up on and it never knocks my confidence.


Art by Carol Rossetti.

And when I say bad skin I don’t mean a blemish here and there, I mean acne scars covering both of my cheeks and frequent, large, under-the-skin, painful spots. This is present day, when it first graced my face it was awful. Barely any smooth, flat skin between bulbous spots that strained my skin so much it bled.

“Yes I have bad skin. No, you don’t need to point it out to me.”

skin left

I’ve been fortunate that I’ve not been bullied for having acne through my childhood or teenage years (not to my face anyway) so I haven’t felt much resentment towards my body for cursing me with the unsightly nightmare that is acne. Comments that are said to me nowadays don’t get to me but they would have done when I was younger not being as confident as I am now.

“Just wash your face.”

skin right

It still frustrates me that people feel the need to tell me how I can ‘cure’ my spots… Like? Do you really think I’ve not tried that miracle face wash from that famous brand? Do you think I’ve not been to see my doctor? Do you think I don’t drink water every day? Do you think I’ve not tried tonnes of different skincare? Medication? You name it, chances are, I’ve tried it.


Art by Sarah Andersen from Sarah’s Scribbles.

Yes I get frustrated when people with perfectly clear skin 90% of the time complain about one or two spots but I understand that no matter the situation, bad skin sucks and it can knock your confidence and make you feel shitty.

I understand not every person can embrace their face but I certainly feel more carefree since developing my ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. Stare at me as much as you like, try to give me skincare advice, point me out to your mates, whatever. I do not care. It’s my face, not yours therefore it’s my business, not yours.


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