6 Artists I’d Like To Be Tattooed By

If teleportation existed and money was endless…


Alex Bawn

Fortunately for me, Alex now works in my home town at Bishop Tattoo Company in Hull – England UK, which means I’ll eventually be able to book in with her without worrying about travel costs! She has been tattooing since 2012 and she’s the only tattoo artist I’d trust to bestow upon me the lotus I want on my finger, which I plan on getting when I graduate from uni. The flower grows in muddy water and I feel that represents my university experience to a t!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 00.48.26


Emily Malice

Emily Johnston is the kinda girl you fall in love with purely from her Instagram, she’s so fcknnn cool, you’d 100% want her to be in your girl gang. She works at Parliament Tattoo in London – England UK, and this Drop Dead Fred piece got my drooling. I’m rather resentful that I didn’t think of it first!

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Caroline Vitelli

Caroline works from Brut Tattoo Parlour in Geneva – Switzerland, she’s been tattooing for five or so years and her style is very dark and heavily inspired by nature. I first fell in love with Caroline when I found her Instagram by chance and entered a giveaway competition she was holding which I won!!! My prize was the most beautiful piece of art and I now am the proud owner of two of her works but shall not be satisfied until I am a proud owner of her work on my skin!

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Sean Williams’ style is skate/punk/cartoon/comic strip style blackwork and it’s so niche and wonderful, if I could design a boyfriend he’d be covered in tattoos of Sean’s (hint hint Stephen) but for myself I’d choose something like this pant-row. He’s been tattooing for over 10 years, making his own machines as well as using the stick-and-poke/hand poke method and currently works in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California – USA.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 00.58.52


Sarah Whitehouse

When I was younger I wanted to look like a Disney character, whereas now I want to look like a Sarah Whitehouse tattoo. Macabre Addams Family vibes with a childlike innocence I’m just besotted with everything she does! She’s based in Redwood Tattoo Studio in Manchester, England – UK which means; maybe one day an appointment is feasible.

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Mel (mxl.tattoo)

Mel seems to be the kind of artist I’d trust to tattoo anything on me, her style is exactly my taste. This Frida Kahlo piece is genius, I don’t often see tattoos on people and wish they were mine but this one certainly filled me with envy. One day (fingers crossed) I will be venturing to Mel at Black Dot Tattoo Studio in Glasgow – Scotland UK.

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Link me your tattoo related posts/videos/anything in the comments, I’m nosey xoxo

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