Making Marshmallow Crispy Squares

Let’s make some fukkkinnn’ treaaaats!



Butter/Margarine – 30g

Mini Marshmallows – 180g

Rice Crispy Cereal – 100g


1) Find a deep-ish baking tray and line it with some baking paper/grease proof paper. You could theoretically just use butter to grease up the tray but that would make it a lot harder for you to remove the crispy treats at the end, you’ll thank me later! The tray I used measures as 8.5 x 13″.

2) Find a big ass pan, stick it on the hob on a really low heat and melt the butter.

3) Once the butter has melted, throw in the marshmallows and stir constantly until the butter and marshmallows have blended together into a liquid ish type consistency.

4) Take the pan off the hob and IMMEDIATELY pour in the rice crispies. Marshmallow turns back solid very fast and it gets super difficult to stir in the cereal the longer you leave it so I suggest a Dash from The Incredibles pace!


5) Transfer the sticky concoction into the tray – this bit is difficult but stick with me, it’s sooo worth it! Heat up the back of a spoon* to flatten the mixture into an even little rectangle and once you’re happy with it, refrigerate!

*I cannot express how important it is to heat up the spoon… I tried to do it without and everything got stuck to everything and it did not go well.

After it’s been in the fridge for about half an hour, heat up a knife to cut them into twelve small pieces or eight large ones if you want to share, if not, I recommend eating the whole thing like a giant cookie!

finished crispy treat close up

finished crispy treat

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