What’s In My Bag?

I’ve had this post in my drafts for five months… 

I will admit that I had a little tidy up of my bag, but I’ve been swapping between two over the past few weeks so I’m not counting throwing away a few receipts as cheating!

My bag is from New Look, you’ll have seen it in my monthly faves if you read those posts of miiiiiine. I love the metal hoop handles, the shoulder strap is great however I don’t often wear it that way as the bag doesn’t close and it’s a bit too wide to carry over the shoulder.


So inside the bag are my essentials, purse full of loyalty cards, too many bank cards, receipts, train tickets and a polaroid of Stephen swearing at me…

And my keys of course! Which display a rather stunning photo from my first year of uni, we were on a night out for Hallowe’en and I was dressed as Sailor Moon.


Next are the earphones and chewing gum, again, essential. The bubblegum flavour is my faaaaaaave (along with the cherry Airwaves, but you can’t get big tubs of those).


My auntie bought me this compact mirror for my birthday, M for Meg! I’m no good at using my phone’s selfie camera as a mirror for topping up make up so I very much need this adorable little compact.

The hemp lip balm from Body Shop is a life saver, that and the bubblegum lip scrub from Lush but I keep that in my make up bag.


Buying this pouch from Superdrug was one of the best ideas I ever had. I take a lot of medication and I’m constantly losing sheets, breaking the cardboard boxes they come in, accidentally puncturing the foil from the sheets of tablets etc but they’re all safe and sound in my li’l purple peeper pouch!


Glasses! I only need them for reading or when I’m on my laptop for a while but I keep them in my bag so I remember where they are.

My friend Ashleigh gave me this tangle teaser after I lost my knock off one a while back, she gets rather annoyed when I’m a scruffy lady and don’t brush my hair. I don’t have an excuse now that I barely have any hair left, it’s much easier to brush!


The unicorn tissues have been in my bag since Christmas and I daren’t open them, they’re too cute! In case of emergencies, tissues are vital.

My sunglasses are from Primark and they only cost £3! I took these sunglasses to New York with me and thankfully they survived the journey, I absolutely adore them.



Send me links for blog posts or YouTube videos of the ‘What’s In My Bag?’ variety, I’m nosey!

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