Donating My Hair

On the 6th June I donated nine inches of my hair to Little Princess Trust.

I went to The Lounge at Hair Rebellion in Hessle to have my restyle, it cost £32 (which made me want to cry a li’l bit) but I don’t regret a thing!

hair before

I have actively been trying to grow my hair since 2014, before I moved to Sunderland I went for regular hair cuts but I hadn’t ever found a hairdresser I trusted up North. I started to realise that my hair was growing incredibly fast despite the hair dye (black and the time) and lack of hair cuts so I just left it to Rapunzel away…

hair plaits

I recently found out that Little Princess Trust actually do accept dyed hair as long as it’s a natural colour, and ginger totally counts! So I decided it was time, I booked in an appointment and two days later it has all gone.

hair after

Fingers crossed a little girl or boy will end up with a lovely ginger wig!


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