June Favourites 2017

Well we’re officially half way through the year! I’ve been blogging for over six months, how crazy. Twice a week for six months I’ve not missed one post!


Lifestyle & Homeware

I made bunting! Here’s how, wooooo.


My lovely n gorgeous pal Hannah and myself went for a lovely spontaneous trip to Fraisthorpe beach with my parents on the evening I returned from Manchester (where I went to see Paramoreeeee!). There’s nothing else there, just cows, wind turbines and beach! A slow wander in the sand and a paddle in the sea was just what I needed after a busy weekend in Manchester.

My hair cut! I haven’t posted about this yet but a few days ago I donated a bunch of my hair to Little Princess Trust, I’ve written a full post about it which will be going up on the 6th July, so for now I’ll ramble about styling the bloomin’ thing. I love having short hair, I feel that it’s fully transformed my face, it’s made my eye bags less purple, my acne scars less red and my jawline is now visible! However, I haven’t had short hair since my first year of college when it was white blonde and I have no idea how to style it and it doesn’t even fit in a ponytail. I love how it looks with messy curls but it takes AGES to do and doesn’t last for very long at all. I’m trying out some new braiding styles and doing a lot of Pinterest research to expand my hairy horizons!

Charlotte & Lee’s wedding photos! I finally finished them, handed them over and received the best feedback I’ve ever had from photographs. They’re so happy with them which makes me love the images even more, I’m so proud of myself! My last post was a very honest post about photography, especially weddings, feel free to check it out here.


Technology & Music

Paramore @ O2 Apollo Manchester was the best experience of my entire life purely because they covered ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac which is one of my favourite songs of all time. I may never see Fleetwood Mac live but I witnessed the second best thing. Click the link for my full post about my weekend in Manchester!

Bleached supported Paramore when I went to see them in Manchester, I only caught two songs but what I heard, I loved! Straight away followed them on Spotify and their sound is sooooo to my taste, angry girl music is my jam.

I’ve been after an electric toothbrush for a while but I have always thought that they are ridiculously priced until I found this one from Asda. I’m pretty sure it was around £15 and I bought an extra couple of brush heads which were also insanely cheap. Cheap and cheerful!

I have become so obsessed with Instagram stories, which is so odd considering I don’t use Snapchat but it’s nice to keep Instgram updated posting photos I wouldn’t post on my account (due to my obsessive three post at a time rule)!


Tv, Movies, Books & Art

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix is one of the best TV shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying! It’s so funny and entertaining whilst simultaneously being insightful and deals with difficult topics, making light of them without taking the piss or making the issues seem insignificant like some shows do. I guarantee the musical numbers will get stuck in your head for daaaaays.


Oh Gosh Cindy has been one of my favourite artists for a long time, I own a fair few of her works now, mostly in greeting card form as it’s cheaper than the prints and still fit in 4×6/5×7″ frames. I do own one of her bigger prints which I display in my bathroom, it’s the Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice piece and I love it. I love all of her pieces, especially the ones I own. I have the Cher from Clueless, Morrissey, Wednesday Addams, the Ghost World set and the Rocky Horror set (without Riff Raff though, he wasn’t available then!). My next purchase will of course be this Friends collection, I can’t not buy all of them!


This month the only thing I’ve seen at the cinema was Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 at Vue in Hull. Now let’s take a minute to talk about the soundtrack. THE SOUNDTRACK. My goodness. As we all know by now, anything with Fleetwood Mac in is a 10 in my book, this soundtrack is no exception! If I could only ever listen to one Spotify playlist ever again in my life, it would be the Guardians Of The Galaxy one.

Back to the actual film – emotional as fuuuuuck. I wasn’t 100% sold on the first Guardians Of The Galaxy, I had to watch it a few times but now I love them both and are my new favourite superhero movies!


RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 – ALL HAIL QUEEN SASHAAAAA!!!

Season 9 has by far been the one I’ve had the most emotional investment in, I identified with Sasha immediately and fell head over heels in love with her! Jaymes Mansfield and Nina Bonina Brown were the only contestants that I held distain for (maybe I hated Kimora a li’l bit too). The challenges were incredible, the judges seemed more fair than in previous seasons and Lady fukin’ Gaga was in the first episode sooooo… The only let down was the Snatch Game episode, that’s many people’s favourite episode every season and season 9’s was disappointing.


I didn’t get to watch Money In The Bank on the Monday night it aired as I was in a hotel in Manchester that had NO WIFI! I watched it on the Wednesday after (having already seen all the spoilers on twitter) with Stephen and my goodness do I have some opinions.

  • Carmella is suuuuch a jobber but I’m weirdly fascinated by her relationship with James Ellsworth.
  • I’m sick of The New Day.
  • Naomi has one of my favourite entrance themes ever and I love her.
  • I’m so bored of Randy Orton.
  • I’d have been happy with anyone winning the Money In The Bank match apart from Kevin Owens.
  • I’m mad at Baron Corbin for beating up Shinsuke before the bell even rang.
  • I wish Sami Zayn wasn’t such an underdog, even though it is so very endearing.
  • Nakamura vs Styles is something I want to happen SO BADLY!!!




The formula for the Perlees from Lime Crime makes it the only lipstick I’ll use, other formulas are slippery, transfer onto everything etc but the Perlees stay on for aaaaages (not as long as the Velvetines of course) and the colours are incredible. The pigment when applied is exactly the same depth, vibrance, shade etc as the lipstick its self.

I picked up Charmed for $5 in the sale…


I also snatched up Penny $5 in the sale too, I spent more money on postage than I did on lipstick!



Clothing & Accessories 

Look at my fancy new grown up lady bag! I picked this bag up in Leeds when I went to Slam Dunk with my guuuurl Carys, we had time to kill before our train back to Hull so we had a wander around New Look and after I saw £17 on the label, that was that!


Everyone and their dog has this Chip t-shirt from Primark but an actual embroidered embellishment for £8… Everyone and their dog deserves to be adorned in this magical item of clothing.

I finally got to visit the Ferens (art gallery in Hull) since the revamp! The new exhibitions are incredible and in the gift shop I found this ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch necklace which I’m pretty sure was only around a fiver, it’s so dainty and lovely. It’s so nice to walk around wearing a piece of art!

The Hard Times t-shirt that I picked up from the Paramore gig cost me £30 *cry* but the time I go to a concert and don’t buy a t-shirt is the time my life is going wrong.

hard times

I finally own a mustard yellow jacket!!! I bought this Zara biker jacket on Depop for around £30ish, it’s a little snug even though it’s a large but I’m hoping I can wear it in a little over time.

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