Wedding Photography Musings

Being a wallflower armed with a camera is my calling in life.

I don’t ask for poses, I don’t manoeuvre and manipulate life to look beautiful. I wait, ready, for when life is beautiful and I take that moment and share it with people.

It’s not easy to aspire to be self employed, never mind in a saturated industry such as photography.

I know I can’t just graduate, get a studio, magic up some clients and start living my dream. I’m not deluded. I am very well aware that I’ll be working minimum wage jobs to support myself for the majority of my life but I am more than prepared to do so.

Showing somebody a photograph of themselves that they genuinely love is the best feeling, I can’t describe it. In this society where most people are comparing themselves to celebrities, social influencers, models etc, it’s almost impossible to be happy with your appearance. Blessing a person with even just one photograph that they can keep for the rest of their lives and feel nothing but joy when they look at it is what I want to do forever.




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  • Gorgeous pictures! I am just starting to really play with my camera more now that I’m taking photographs for the marching band that I work at as a music instructor. I think I have found a new hobby, although I give SO much credit to those of you who make the effort to make it a career!

    Britt |

    • That sounds amazing! Thank you, it means a lot to me when people actually recognise how much hard work we do, it’s not just setting a camera on auto and taking photos of fields hahah x

      • Photography is a skill! I take photos for the marching band I work with and I have tried a few times to explain to people the challenges in taking pictures of the group on parade when we are all moving at the same time!

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