Paramore @ O2 Apollo Manchester

On Sunday the 18th June I got to see Paramore for the third time in my life.

The first time was almost ten years ago at Leeds Festival in 2007 and the second time was at Manchester Arena when the self titled album was released.


Hard Times was released and I fell in love. After Laughter was released shortly afterwards and I fell even further in love! So 80s, so peppy and so heartfelt.

The lyrics from Rose-Coloured boy will stay with me forever, “just let me cry a little bit longer”, “I ain’t gon’ smile if I don’t want to”. So frikkkkkin’ relatable Hails man!

Photographs by Melanie Smith


Stephen (the boyf) and myself caught the two hour train to Manchester from Hull at around 1:30pm on the Sunday, walked to EasyHotel where we stayed the night, and immediately Stephen fell asleep…

The hotel wasn’t great, they were charging an extra Ā£5 for the TV remote and they didn’t have WiFi but they did have air-con which was ideal.

I utilised that time to apply my make up and spend a while doing my hair without him whinging I was taking ages, it made a nice change!

I wore my Mickey Mouse shorts from Zara, my leopard print shirt which I bought for Ā£2.50 from a charity shop, my checkerboard vans and I took my mustard biker jacket from Zara in case it got cold – which it definitely did not!!!

Annoyingly me and Stephen missed the majority of the support band ‘Bleached’ due to the merch queue (I picked up the Hard Times ringer in the top right of the pic) but what we did catch, I loved! Definitely one to add to the Spotify listen-to-list.

paramore merch

Just before we went to find our seats Robyn from Midnight and Lace found me! What a cutie pie she is, it was so lovely to meet her after looking for her on the park before the gig!


We were sat on row GG (matching my bra size wheeeeeeeyyyyy) and it was so close to the front, we had an amazing view. The girls sat in front of us stood up as soon as Paramore came on stage which I was quietly relieved about as I really wanted to have a dance around – especially when I found out that they were possibly doing a Fleetwood Mac cover…

Set List;

  1. Told You So
  2. That’s What You Get
  3. Brick By Boring Brick
  4. Still Into You
  5. Caught In The Middle
  6. Turn It Off
  7. Decode
  8. I Caught Myself
  9. Hate To See Your Heart Break
  10. Fake Happy
  12. Rose-Coloured Boy
  13. Playing God
  14. Ain’t It Fun
  15. Misery Business


  1. Forgiveness
  2. Scooby’s In The Back
  3. Hard Times




Once we had returned to the hotel we watched Dirty Grandpa on my iPad that I had downloaded from the Netflix app using my phone data, bye bye to that for the month! We had planned to watch the WWE Pay Per View that was on that night but for lack of WiFi we missed out, boooo.

The next day we checked out at 10am and had an explore of Manchester before our 1:40pm train back to Hull. ALL of our favourite shops had sales on and it broke our poor li’l hearts, the Doc Marten shop was so lovely and we went into Afflecks for an explore on very high recommendations! We’re planning a shopping trip next time we have some money to spend.

It was still ridiculously warm, I had as much of my hair tied up as I could get into a bobble, I didn’t wear make up and my sunglasses were permanently stuck to my face.


We had such a fun weekend away, did any of you guys see Paramore on this tour? Send me links if you blogged about it!



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