My Summer Wardrobe 2017

Outfit 1.

edit IMG_2733

T-Shirt: Topshop £15.

Trousers: Primark £13.

Shoes: Primark £6.

Earrings: Topshop £10.

Outfit 2.

edit IMG_2829

T-Shirt: Topshop about seven years ago…

Jeans: Primark £15.

Belt: Hand-me-down from my incredible great Nana Bennett who had the tiniest waist in the world ever.

Shoes: Vans £47.

Necklace: Regal Rose – gift.

Jacket: Boohoo £25.

edit IMG_2792

Outfit 3.

edit IMG_2659

Jacket: Tesco £30.

T-Shirt: Black Sabbath The End Tour, Leeds £25.

Shorts: Zara £25.99.

Shoes: Chinese Laundry – Doc Martens £25.

Rings: Bloody Mary Metal £50 each (appox).

edit IMG_2698

Outfit 4.

edit IMG_2875

Dungarees: Primark £5.

T-Shirt: Primark £2.50.

Shoes: Dr Martens bought on Depop for £30.

Bag: Dr Martens RRP £65 but I picked it up on their website sale for £25.

edit IMG_2858

Outfit 5.

edit IMG_2644

Dress: New Look £11.

Shoes: Dr Martens bought on eBay £40.

Necklace: Regal Rose – Gift.

Jacket: Boohoo £25.



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