Sibling Q&A

This is my brother, Billy (pic from 2015/16) and we will be answering some questions together!



1. Who is the oldest/youngest?

I’m 22 and Billy is 19.
2. Who’s the best looking?

Meg: Erm me, duh.

Billy: *deadpan* me.
3. Funniest/favourite memory together?

Meg: When Billy threw a duck teddy at our mum and shouted ‘GET WRECKED’

Billy: Christmas when Meg got into the tree box!
4. Do you argue? Last argument you had?

Meg: Billy eats my food aaaaallllll the time.

Billy: Feminism vs Equalist. However I have now come around after MANY heated discussions and admitted that I am indeed a feminist.
5. When was the last time you were angry at each other?

Meg: When he wouldn’t listen to what feminism actually is…

Billy: Yesterday when Meg was being a dick, she always has something negative to say.
6. Who takes longer to get ready?

Meg: Billy doesn’t wake up until 4pm soooooooo

Billy: Depends…
7. Any nicknames?

Meg: Beebs

Billy: Moo
8. What do you have in common?

Meg: We don’t really have much in common actually, I can’t think of anything!

Billy: Some music like Die Antwoord and Paramore
9. What was the last text you sent each other?

Meg: ‘How exciting!!!’

Billy: ‘Whait what!!!!!!’
10. Are you close?

Meg: I like to think so, we get on really well 90% of the time

Billy: Yes
11. What is one thing your sibling does that annoys you?

Meg: Eating my food!!!!!!!

Billy: Breathes… ahaha her whinging is annoying
12. What do you do to annoy your sibling?

Meg: I like to embarrass him in front of his friends

Billy: Look out of her window, breathe her air, cook stinky meat in the kitchen…
13. What is something you like to do together?

Meg: Sit and have chat outside in the garden when I’m visiting home

Billy: Shopping, Meg knows what clothes I like
14. Guess what each others dream job is?

Meg: Billy wants to be a professional lazy person by trade

Billy: Photographer!
15. Show us an old photo.


16. Were/Are you competitive with each other?

Meg: YES

Billy: *enthusiastic nod*
17. Who reads more?

Meg: Me, definitely

Billy: Meg, I like Skullduggery Pleasant though
18. What one thing can you do that your sibling can’t?

Meg: Spell (sorry Beebs)

Billy: Pee standing up
19. Who is the most talented?

Meg: Well I’m the one getting firsts in my degree sooooo

Billy: *points at self*
20. Who is the most athletic?

*points at each other*

Meg: Apparently we’re both just incredibly lazy

Billy: I skateboard
21. Who gets in the most trouble?

Meg: Considering Billy still lives at home probs him but I am the most problematic

Billy: ‘Shut up’
22. Who is the most spoiled?

Meg: Meeeeee 100%

Billy: Meg by a long shot
23. Who is easier to get along with?

Meg: Billy, I’m a grumpy git

Billy: Me
24. Who keeps a cleaner room?

Meg: Billy’s room is gross

Billy: Ugh who has the time?!
25. Describe each other in one word.

Meg: Daft

Billy: Needy


I hope you enjoyed reading this Q&A! If you are a blogger and fancy doing a li’l Q&A with myself, send me a message and let’s get quizzical quizzicallllll.


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