What’s In My Sewing Box?

I am very much an amateur stitcher, my Nans taught me cross stitch when I was little and I didn’t pick it back up until my first year of university in 2014. I was severely suffering with my depression then so I thought I’d treat myself to a lovely sewing box and dedicate a lot of my spare time and attention to learning how I like to craft.

I keep my li’l box of tricks in the cabinet at the end of my bed that I keep my telly on, it’s from Hobbycraft in a cute red and white polka dot pattern with a handle.


I currently have a couple of empty hoops in various sizes and a snap frame for ongoing projects. The yellow t-shirt is going to be made into bunting soon and the patches on the top are waiting to be sewn onto my denim cut off!


The three patches on the left are from Killstar and will be going on my denim cut off and the ones on the right are from eBay, they will be getting sewn onto plain t-shirts and dresses.

Inside the lid of my sewing box there’s a pincushion and a little pouch that I keep my tape measure and un-picker in, and as a spacious bottom section leaves a lot of room for tonnes of differently coloured skeins and scraps of material.


I’ve wanted to learn embroidery for a while but the tutorials I watch seem too complicated for me, so I’m experimenting in my own way to see if I can figure out something easier for myself.


90% of the time I only stitch patterns that I’ve found on Pinterest because I’m lazy and have no imagination or patience to create original designs!

In a way it is a kind of therapy, it allows my mind to relax and the concentration kicks in.


Sewing isn’t something I’m particularly skilled at but I love doing it, creativity of all kinds is important to nurture and it definitely makes me happy!


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