Feminist Fashion

I am a huge fan of feminist slogan t-shirts. I love them. They’re fantastic and I’m proud to be a girl!

Of course you’ll get all of the Bitter Betties slating it saying ‘ugh these girls wearing them aren’t even feminists’ but realistically, they’re still spreading a good message. A trend doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. They might develop an interest in feminism from wearing these items being sold in high street stores because of that trend and why would any woman be annoyed about another baby feminist coming into our world???


I bought my first feminist slogan t-shirt from Gypsy Warrior three years ago and I got that online as it’s a US store but aside from that, the ones I own I have bought from the high street stores Topshop and H&M.

Topshop – Femme Forever & Females of The Future both £15 each.

H&M – GRL PWR hoodie, £20 maybe? I bought it in January when I was in Leeds & Feminist pink rose detail t-shirt was £8.

Gypsy Warrior – Girl Gang ringer crop top, I bought this so long ago I have no idea how much it cost and it’s gone rather yucky around the armpits for excessive wear…

Boohoo – Girl Gang vegan biker jacket which I picked up for £25 online during the putting together of this post (whoops)!



I didn’t often wear pink, not because I don’t like the colour, I just didn’t like any of the clothing available in that colour. I leaned towards black and grey because items of clothing in those colours, were items I wanted to wear!



But the more feminist slogan t-shirts, hoodies, jackets etc that I see, the more I want. And a lot of them are pink, therefore I now wear lots of pink!



‘Girl’ used to mean something I didn’t like but since becoming obsessed with Guerrilla Girls and their reclaiming of things such as the word ‘girl’, I want everything adorned with ‘girl power’, ‘girl gang’ etc and I’m even planning the creation of a feminist zine which will definitely have a title with the word ‘girl’ in it.


River Island Pink Girl Gang knot crop top, £18 and it was a limited edition and is now sold out *cry*. I’ve got my fingers crossed for it to come up on Depop soon!


Boohoo Girl Gang vegan biker jacket, £25… I may have ordered this during the writing of this post as you have obviously already read!

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 17.23.42

edit IMG_2792

eBay Girl Power ringer t-shirt, £12.90.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 17.13.47

Etsy Deal With It (free the nipple), £14.


Etsy Babe With The Power ringer, available in lots of colours! £15.99.


Etsy Votes For Women, £15.


I shall expand my collection forever and ever and maybe one day even make my own!


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