My American Adventure Part Two

Last month I posted the first half of my American adventure from the first day to the third day, we did the most in those three days and I definitely took the most pictures. The colder it got outdoors the less likely I was to get my camera out, which I now regret of course but I enjoyed the days four through to the last day days to the fullest as I wasn’t worrying about taking too many photographs. I did video a tonne of clips on a point and shoot camera during the week and I’ve edited them together to create a thirteen minute video which I’ll share with you guys soon!

Day 4: The High Line, Chelsea Market, MoMA.


The High Line was underwhelming to be honest, I didn’t like any of the photos I took compared to the ones I’d taken on the rest of the trip but my lovely pal Rebekah took this fancy photo of me wandering along which I’m so grateful for, she makes me like my face!

Chelsea Market was also very underwhelming! Me and Kat, who I became good pals with whilst we were away, went to get bagels (which were SO GOOD) from Hell’s Kitchen while everyone else was shopping as there wasn’t anything overly interesting to us there. Though it was an experience to walk along, people watch and take in the hustle and bustle of the market.


MoMA was absolutely incredible, I’ve always wanted to see one of Nan Goldin’s exhibitions in person and it was extra special seeing her work in New York. I cannot express how incredible all of the galleries we had the opportunity to visit were, even if the art wasn’t my cup of tea it was still so amazing to listen to the curators talk about the exhibits in the smaller galleries and just soaking in the craft of artists and photographers I’ve admired for so many years.

Day 5: Statue Of Liberty, Ellis Island, 9/11 Memorial.


Of course we went to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the most overcast day where it snowed and rained continuously. The ferry was so relaxing and the views, despite being blocked, were stunning. We didn’t do much exploring on Ellis Island due to the weather and huge cafe queue but it’s another tick off the bucket list!


The 9/11 memorial and museum was a much more emotional experience than I had anticipated. I’ve always seen and thought of 9/11 as a political thing, however going to Ground Zero and into the museum where I saw relics from the disaster and heard voice recordings of the people that died that day, made it very personal. There were some parts of the museum that I avoided completely (the bits that involved George Bush) but the displays of items such as fire engines and original parts of the buildings was hard hitting to look at and be in the presence of.

Day 6: Breakfast at the Skylight Diner, China Town & flying back home!

After having the most insane breakfast (one chocolate chip pancake among a stack of other pancakes coated in syrup and butter) of my life at the Skylight Diner we took a walk around all of the shops we’d scoped out all week including a trip to China Town.


Whilst we were in China Town I picked up a solar powered maneki-neko for my mum, my brother bought me one for my birthday a few years ago and she missed it dearly once I had taken it to uni with me! I also searched for a beanie for my brother, ended up getting him a NYPD blue number and he loves it thankfully, it’s hard to buy for a 19 year old boy. The last thing I got in China Town was the gaudiest t-shirt I have ever laid my eyes on for Stephen, a mossy green coloured t-shirt displaying a wolf wearing a native Indian headdress, he was very pleased with his souvenir of my trip! On our wander back to Times Square we popped into the Hard Rock Cafe as I knew I would find something for my dad in there, but as I mentioned in Part One, I had a small amount of spending money and sadly couldn’t afford any of the cool t-shirts and jumpers but I did get him the coolest bottle opener I have ever seen. It resembled the ace of spades and is bad ass just like my dad! I do wish I could’ve picked up souvenirs for more family and some friends but hey hooooo.


My first time in America was incredible, it was just as fast paced and exciting as I expected! The street art was tongue in cheek, everyone I met was friendly and the friends I made on the trip are making my uni life so much better now we’re back in Sunderland. I’m so happy I made the decision to put myself in a vulnerable position, push my anxiety away and take the risk of travelling so far away!


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