My Lime Crime Lip Collection

Before I discovered Lime Crime I didn’t wear lipstick, ever. I didn’t like that it smudged everywhere, I didn’t like the colours, I didn’t like that my lips felt sticky and slippery all the time so I only ever wore it when I was forced to during dance competitions when I was younger.

The Pearlees are definitely a product that surprised me, I only bought one in case I hated the formula or the wearability wasn’t what I wanted. Asphalt is the one I bought and I’ll definitely be buying more!

I can’t remember the name of the bundle I bought Buffy, Beet It and Peacock in but it was ¬†limited edition and I love the blue lids!

swatch 1

I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent on Lime Crime over the past few years I’ve been buying their lip products, yes they are expensive but I bought my first Velvetine (Wicked) almost five years ago and it’s still wearable, it’s drying out but it works!

The Girls Girls Girls bundle was suuuuch a good investment, I’ll never need to buy another nude lipstick in my lifetime. All five of them are perfect and from the swatches I’ve seen, they look incredible on all skin tones!

swatch 2

Swatched left to right: Wicked, Peacock, Beet It, Buffy & Girls Girls Girls bundle.

Bleached and Jinx along with Teddy Bear and Polly were released when I lived in my old house and they’re probably the only good things that came through the door of that place! I wore Jinx two Hallowe’ens ago when I did my face up like a Roy Lichtenstein painting.

swatch 3

Swatched last three: Bleached, Jinx, Polly.

The metallics Lana, Mercury and Blondie were an impulse buy but I have not once gotten buyers remorse from getting them!

swatch 4

Swatched last four: Teddy Bear, Lana, Mercury & Blondie.

And silly me had forgotten to take Riot out of my bag before taking the swatch photographs… but I’m wearing it in this selfieeeee. I did also have Cashmere but it mysteriously disappeared a few months ago which is a big shame.

My top five Velvetines would be:

  1. Riot.
  2. Buffy.
  3. Teddy Bear.
  4. Sasha.
  5. Lana.


Do any of you guys hoard Lime Crime? Leave me links to read about your lipstick collections!



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