His n’ Hers Primark Haul

I’m not very good at dressing for warm weather, I’m always cold and I love layers. However, the seasons carry on changing regardless of whether I want them to or not so I thought it best to do some shopping! I did end up buying the same kind of clothes I always wear but I feel summery in them so I don’t caaaaaare.

Let’s start with some t-shirts I picked up for Stephen, his birthday is this month (April) so I thought I’d treat him to some new clothes without holes that don’t have food stains on! The quality of these t-shirts is absolutely wonderful, the fit is flattering (as mens clothes usually are) and I’d have paid twice the price for them.

Motorhead T-Shirt: £9.

Slayer T-Shirt: £9.

Black Joggers: £5.

stephen's joggers

Black Bomber Jacket: £19.

black jacket

Camo Light Weight Waterproof Jacket: £12.

camo jacket

On to the few bits I picked up for myself; I basically live in pinafore dresses with little tops underneath, tights and Docs. So I decided to switch up my wardrobe by buying another pinafore… It zips all the way from top to bottom and has two pockets on the front (I love it when dresses have pockets) and it a lovely blue denim. I never ever wear blue denim and it’s not an overly flattering cut for my shape but it’s so comfy and I think I look adorable in it anyway! My dad in the green shirt making an appearance in the pics haha, we had a lovely walk around Hull marina.

Blue Denim Pinafore: £12.

Most of my shoes are either Docs or Vans, I’m not gonna lie, they make my feet a bit sweaty when it’s warm. I usually wear relatively masculine footwear but I fancied something dainty and funkyyyy. Primark shoes used to be terrible quality, they’d fall apart after a few wears, they wouldn’t ever last in the rain and they’d give you horrible blisters but these are suuuuper comfy and don’t rub at all.

Metallic Blue Loafers: £6.

They’re so plain but so fantastic, I’ve been looking for sandals for years that I like, are comfy, don’t fall off my feet and don’t go between my frikkkkkin’ toes.

Black Strap Sandals: £6.

I’m a sucker for any clothing that makes me look like a toddler. This t-shirt is more expensive than I’d usually go for in Primark but I need some colour in my wardrobe and it’s just SO CUTE! It’s a thin material which is unfortunate because when I wear it the stitching on my bra is visible, but I did buy it to wear under pinafore dresses so I don’t mind too much.

My Little Pony T-Shirt: £8.

This is definitely one for under the pinafores and dungarees, I legit had to edit my nipple out of these pictures!

Olive Green T-Shirt: £2.50.

I have ostracised friends for buying band t-shirts from high street stores in the past. I am now converted.

Black Ripped Sex Pistols T-Shirt: £8.

Comfiest thing in the land. I prefer men’s hoodies as the strings from the hood aren’t too close together so they don’t rest awkwardly in my cleavage.

Pink Hoodie (men’s section): £9.

There was no way I could photograph these seriously…

Joggers (men’s section): £5.

I just love Primark so much. Meg & Primark 4eva.


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