Project: Consent Required

I thought it was about time that I did a blog post about the thing that has been consuming my entire life since September; my uni work.

My current project is called Consent Required and this photography project has completely evolved from what it started out as. It is now a movement in which I hope to raise awareness of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the lives of both women and men in hope that past, present and future victims will report their assault to the police knowing it’s not their fault regardless of what they were wearing or how much they had drank. Education can lead to prevention and if this work educations even one person, it’ll be successful. I’ll be doing this by placing stickers that I have created on the inside of toilet cubicle doors in a nightclub in Sunderland, I’ll be recording the process and progress on the Facebook page that I’ve linked (twice in this paragraph).

I’m so proud of every single person that got involved in any way whether it be modelling for the photographs, sending a message of support or even liking the Facebook page. Even if the work gets a terrible grade I feel that I’ve made a difference. I’ve helped some people heal, I’ve helped some people learn and I won’t be stopping once the module is over. I want to carry Consent Required on and hopefully one day take it into schools and workplaces to teach consent as part of sex education.

I’ve photographed 33 people from all walks of life in the age demographic that are statistically mostly affected by rape, sexual assault and abuse and used punchy slogan text over the images.

Here they are, take a look!



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