Easter With The Moz’s

My wonderful family have a yearly tradition that we’ve been doing for around ten years now, I used to think it was daft but since moving to Sunderland for uni it has become one of the things I look forward to most when coming back to Hull for the holidays.

Family and friends come round to our house at lunch time to paint some hard boiled eggs in fierce competition to have the prettiest, silliest, ugliest or most political one! Then we drive to Welton Dale, have a lovely wander up the big hill and pelt the eggs down as far and fast as we can. Whichever egg lasts the longest without breaking wins. Last year my auntie painted hers to resemble Donald Trump and she had a lot of fun sending it flying down the hill!

The previous day we celebrated Rose May The Destroyer (my cousin)’s birthday! It’s a day or two before Easter so thankfully I don’t often miss it, there are eighteen years between us so I feel more like her aunt than her cousin. She turned four the other day which just feels crazy to me, I remember being terrified to hold her and now she bosses me about! We spent the weekend teaching her how to ride her brand new bike, having fish and chips, playing pass the parcel and having a birthday party. My mum went a little overboard with the food as usual but no one was complaining, she made Rose the cooooolest pink dinosaur cake and I bought her two books, one Moominvalley story about Moomintroll’s birthday and a Disney Princess activity book as well as a Thornton’s chocolate bunny.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, regardless of why you celebrate it or what you choose to do!


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