Inner Child

Having an inner child is nothing to be ashamed of, embrace it and express it. Children are magical beings who are new to the world and still have wonder in their eyes, why wouldn’t we want to feel like that again?

I keep seeing people trying to shame others for being adults with a love for things that are deemed childish. Disney seems to be the main thing under attack at the moment which is such a shame, it brings so much happiness to people of all walks of life and going out of your way to try and make someone feel ashamed and embarrassed about loving Disney is just cruel. Why would you want to take away someone’s joy?

I always thought there’d be a point in my life where I’d have to pass down my beloved teddies and toys because I’d be ‘too grown up’ for them. That time didn’t arrive when I turned 16, or 18, not when my cousin Rose was born or when I turned 21. I moved out and took my teddies with me and carried on buying more. I have a My Little Pony plush from Build-A-Bear and I have the most ridiculous collection of Disney Tsum Tsums, they make me happy and I’ll never apologise for that.

No, I still haven’t been to Disneyland but I still plan on going. Whether it be with my friends, family, boyfriend or one day with my own children. Even then, I’d still be going for myself and I will wait in line to have my picture taken with the princesses.

Basically, don’t be a dick. Let people be happy, even if you think it’s childish or stupid.




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