March Favourites 2017

March has been an even tighter month for money. We finally switched energy suppliers so things are looking up and the next round of student loan will be rolling around at the end of April, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Lifestyle & Homeware

Spring has sprung which of course lead to spring cleaning, I rearranged, revamped and refreshed the flat. I do have a very large desk however I keep my make up and mirrors on it as well as using it as a work station so I need a lot of desk storage! I am loving the desk organisation that Wilkos have stocked, back in January I bought three rose gold mesh stackable in-trays at £4 each and a combined pen/stationery tidy for £3 and this month I picked up the matching standing magazine tidy for £3.50. I should’ve probably tidied my desk before taking these pictures but na, that’s what they look like in action!


Technology & Music

I cannot stress how helpful the My OC app is. It sends a notification to you as a reminder to take your birth control pill, lets you know how many days are left until your next period and lets you keep track of possible missed pills. The guy who removed my implant advised me to download this app and I’ve recommended it to everyone I know that is using this form of birth control.

I went to see Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes this month, you can read my review of the night here. It was absolutely incredible but as I’ve written a whole other post about it, I’ll just say that Wild Flowers is a fuckin’ anthem and I love Feminist Frank.


TV Shows, Movies & Books

I’m currently doing a university project called Consent Required, facing the issue of sexual abuse and consent. Hollyoaks are running a storyline involving rape and how it affects everyone involved. There are a lot of people that turn their nose up at soaps and the acting may be questionable but the way they approach difficult topics definitely make people think twice.

“Many viewers who watch will be under no doubt whatsoever that Ellie is a victim of rape – she was drunk, unable to consent and can’t remember a thing of what happened. Others will have a degree of sympathy with Nick, seeing the event as an unfortunate mistake and viewing him as a ‘lad’ who hasn’t meant any harm.” source

I haven’t been to the cinema once this month, there has only been one film I’ve wanted to see and no, I haven’t been to see Beauty and The Beast yet. I said from the beginning I wanted to see that movie with my mumma and I’m waiting until the 11th April to watch it with her.

And yet another month has gone by where I still haven’t read any books!!! I am cross with myself about that and April’s favourites will have at least one book, I’m determined.



The spring nail paints have come back into circulation! I have had these nail paints for yeeeeears, they’re cheap and cheerful, excellent quality and they definitely stand the test of time. Barry M is cruelty free and each of these polishes cost around £4 each but I usually buy them when they’re on 3 for 2 in Superdrug.

In the order seen in the photographs: Pole Position (Speedy Quick Dry) accompanied by the trusty Matte Top Coat, Prickly Pear (Gelly Hi-Shine), Full Throttle (Speedy Quick Dry) and Acai Smoothie (Gelly Hi-Shine).

There are a lot of make up trends I don’t buy in to or just plainly don’t understand so I’m always going to the same sections of Superdrug looking for my usual buys, but I saw the MUA Bronzed Perfection matte bronzer in ‘Sunset Tan’ and I’ve actually never bought bronzer before so I thought I’d give it a go and at £4 for such a large product it couldn’t really go wrong. I definitely find it easier to contour with bronzer than the contour kits I’ve tried previously which were both by Sleek, gorgeous pallettes but weren’t great for my skin type. The highlighter I already own is the MUA Luxe Strobe and Glow highlight kit but I couldn’t resist the MUA Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter in ‘Radiant Cashmere’ (especially for £3), it’s sooooo preeeettttttyyyyyy, it’s like a rose gold colour and it goes so nicely with my hair colour.


Clothing & Accessories

This month I wrote an article for The Blogging Grotto all about charity shopping. In the space of about twenty minutes I bought two full outfits, a bag, a coat, a pair of shoes and a hair accessory between four different charity shops and I spent less than £40. I’ll be doing a more in depth post about it once the issue has been released but here are two outtakes that I haven’t used in my article so you can sneakily see some of my spring favourite clothing pieces!

Also, I got the best socks ever from the Metro Centre Primark (my favourite Primark that I don’t often get to go to) from Ashleigh’s recommendation! I can’t remember exactly how much they were but they were cheeeeap, definitely under £3.

From that same Primark trip I picked up this pair of sunglasses to wear in New York, they were £3 and I’m obsesssssed with them. I also bought the hair tie that you can see wrapped around my barnet which was around £1.50-£2.50.



I hope you enjoyed my March Faves and as always if anyone reading this does monthly favourite posts, leave the links below for me to read!


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