Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Riverside, Newcastle – 18.03.2017

There is no better showman than Frank Carter. Bold statement but I’ll happily fight anyone that thinks otherwise.

I only became a fan of Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes in the summer of 2016 when boyf Stephen asked me to pick up one of their t-shirts for him while I was at Leeds Festival. I only managed to catch the very end of their set then but on the train back to Hull I had Blossom on repeat.

So of course when Modern Ruin came out on the 20th January I listened to nothing else, the tickets went on sale shortly after and by the end of January the show had sold out. At £15 a ticket, I wasn’t surprised.

Finally the date came around, Stephen caught the train to Sunderland the night before and the next evening we hopped on the 30 min metro ride to Newcastle, found the venue and attempted to get settled in. First stop was, of course, the bar and the merch stand. I had a Disaronno and diet coke in each hand and I’d bought my castle in the clouds t-shirt so we attempted to find somewhere to stand where we could see. Stephen and I aren’t exactly the tallest of people but we ended up meeting up with my friend Lauren who had been tattooed by Frank earlier on in the day. Poor Lauren has a broken foot which worked out very well seating wise to be honest! We ended up in some tiny VIP sofa area with an INSANE view and we got to sit down which is my favourite thing to do (as I am 80 years old on the inside) so I was suuuuuper happy.

I have never in my life seen such enthusiastic fans, there was a constant stream of crowd surfers (including my friend Matty) from Snake Eyes to I Hate You. These fans knew every single word to every single song, I could see so many faces from the balcony we were sat on and every single one was sweating from each and every pore and just living purely for each word out of Frank’s mouth.

‘Ladies this song is for you. Guys, I swear to god if you touch anyone inappropriately I’ll cut your fucking head off. Do you understand? I said do you fucking understand? ‘ he said dedicating Modern Ruin to us girlies.

And don’t even get me started on Frank’s speeches, I teared up THREE TIMES. He’s such a genuine guy and my god he loves his wife doesn’t he. Feminist Frank Fan ‘ere. The sincerity in his voice stays strong no matter if it’s the first time he’s performed the songs or the 100th. He supports small venues. He applauds for the staff and makes sure the audience applaud too. He dedicated one song just for the ladies to crowd surf to. He loves his dog. He appreciates his fans.

It was just fuckin’ incredible.


  1. Snake Eyes
  2. Trouble
  3. Juggernaut
  4. Modern Ruin
  5. Wild Flowers
  6. Vampires
  7. Jackals
  8. Thunder
  9. Fangs
  10. God Is My Friend
  11. Neon Rust
  12. Bluebelle
  13. Lullaby
  14. Devil Inside Me
  15. I Hate You



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