5 Things I’m Doing Every Day To Become A Happier Person

As a sufferer of bad mental health I have to make a conscious effort to do things to keep myself upbeat. These are things that help me, this list could be helpful to others but I’m not claiming to have the cure for depression. I’ve found since moving into my own flat that doing these small things stop me from crying as much as I did (I still cry a lot but I’m an incredibly emotional person so, hey ho!).

Leave the house. I’m a home bird definitely but I get cabin feverish quickly so going for a walk or a trip to the shops stops me from going stir-crazy!

Read. I spend my entire life online so it’s nice to have some time away from screens and be away from everyone else on the internet, even if it’s only for an hour.

Tidy up after myself. Mess makes me anxious apparently, I no longer leave my washing up for days on end or let my laundry pile up.

Do yoga. It’s just sooooo relaxing and doing it before bed helps me sleep much faster than when I don’t.

Remind myself of something I have to look forward to. I have a countdown app that I put dates of things into to remind me there’s something exciting coming up!

If anyone that reads this has found it helpful in any way that makes me very happy and if anyone has any routine things that help with their mental health, let me know!


    • Sometimes I like making a big mess because I look forward to how organised I feel when I’ve tidied up 🙈 ✨

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