Adventure Day With My Dad

On the day I’m writing this my dad turned 52, happy birthday Pat Mozza!!

He had taken the week of work and came to visit me in Sunderland for the first time on his own for two days so I planned lots of fun things for us to do.


He arrived at my flat at 2:30pm on Thursday and neither of us had eaten so we went to BION (Believe It Or Not) for lunch and my food was served in little chip fryers which was so cute!

We had planned to go to the Winter Gardens museum to go and see the Punk exhibit but they close at 4pm on Thursdays so we went for a wander around Wilkos to find lightbulbs instead. I am attempting to be an independent adult but everyone needs their dads help sometimes!

Then we went to the cinema to see The Lego Batman Movie which was hilariously funny, I will always be a massive fan of Will Arnett no matter what he’s in.

Then off we popped to Asda! I don’t get to go to Supermarkets much as I don’t drive and the metro either doesn’t stop close enough or I don’t want to spend more money than I have to so I was SUPER EXCITED. Asda at home is one of my favourite things in the land and I have been lusting after some grey jersey material Urban Outfitters bedding, I only went and found a set almost exactly the same in Asda for less than half the price! I also found the Raspberry Sundae Yankee Candle I’ve been hunting down and I got a beautiful mug that reminds me of a pretty pink shell. And yes, my lovely dad did buy me these things despite it being his birthday in the following few days, bless his heart.

When we got back to my flat we had some tea and watched Green Hornet which is genuinely one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen and I love showing new movies to my dad because we have a lot of the same opinions.

The next day we got up, I made us some Quorn bacon sandwiches for breakfast and we ventured out to the Winter Gardens. We walked there in the beautiful bright sunshine as hurricane Doris had fucked off and we weren’t sure how long it would last! My dad is one of those people who spend hours looking at and reading every single thing in museums, I hated that as a child but I love it now as I hate to be rushed around galleries and exhibitions.

We spent at least forty-five minutes in the punk exhibit (which is saying something considering how small it was) and he kept pointing out all of the people he’d met from back when he was on the music scene with his band Lithium Joe! It was so cool, he kept going ‘you met this guy when you were five’ and stuff like that, made me feel like a li’l punk baby! We also wandered around the planty bit and had a look at the dinosaurs.

On the walk back to my flat we passed Hot Rats, the record shop I walk past every day and for some reason, I have never been in! It’s exactly the kind of shop my dad would love so we popped our heads in to see what it was like. They had some of the best t-shirts I’ve ever laid my eyes on so I’ll be going back when I’m not so skintoooo to spend some money!

Then we hopped in the car to go to Roker Beach! I took my camera as I’ve rekindled my love for shooting digitally and thank goodness I did. We saw some beautiful art, the Alice in Wonderland glowy murals by Fitzrovia Noir and the black and white cartoony pieces by Senna.

I love when the tide has just gone out and the sand is clear and damp, it’s just so satisfying to walk on! Being near the water always helps me clear my mind, it’s such a relaxing and calming environment to be in.

I had the most wonderful two days with our Pat Mozza and I’m really looking forward to being back with my family for a few weeks over Easter. All the love in the world and happy birthday dad!






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