February Favourites 2017

February brought my first wedding of 2017, an adventure to York with my friend Emma which you can read about here, an unexpected rekindled friendship and a visit from my dad that I’ll be posting about soon. I’ve been quite thrifty with money this month since we have been having a boiler issue for a while, we’ve ended up paying over £100 a month in bills for a two bedroom flat. So most of these things haven’t been purchased this month but they are definitely the things that have been my favourite during February!

Lifestyle & Homeware

I first bought the Raspberry Sundae Yankee Candle in my first year of uni from the 24 hour Tesco at about 2am one night after we got our student loan, it lasted almost two years of being burnt almost daily! I was gutted when it burned all the way down and I couldn’t for the life of me find it anywhere until my dad took me to Asda the other week and I snatched it up for £7.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this moment right here. It’s not often I manage to find cheap dupes of things that I fall in love with in shops. When I was in York we popped into Urban Outfitters and I fell in love with a pair of pink dungarees that cost around £50 and a jersey bedding set that was priced at £65. Unfortunately I’ve not found a cheaper alternative for the dungarees which is breaking my heart more and more daily BUT I did find almost the exact same bedding in Asda for £25!!! It was packaged in a grey jersey drawstring bag, the same colour and material as they bedding, and this bag contained a sheet, a duvet cover and two pillow cases. I have been on the hunt for new bedding for months and all my dad did was laugh at me when I dove on the last remaining set for a double bed and cradled it like it was my first born child.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this mug it reminded me of the shell shown in the photo, my incredible friend Carys bought me this shell from a charity shop in Sunderland when we lived together and I now use it to keep my keys in! All of the mugs that I own are cartoony depicting Disney characters, Hello Kitty and Wonder Woman so I thought it was about time I bought a grown up mug. It’s a fantastic size for an excellent peppermint tea and I can’t wait to make a hot chocolate in it and use the wide rim to ram a tonne of marshmallows in! Again it’s from Asda and it cost £3.


Technology & Music

Dorothy are a band I’ve only been listening to for a few weeks but they remind me so much of The Pretty Reckless (my tied favourite band ever along with Fleetwood Mac) that I couldn’t help but fall in love with them. My most played songs of theirs are obviously Raise Hell and Wicked Ones!

I shamelessly bought this selfie light phone case because I’m lazy and sick of spending ages angling and dropping my little ring flash next to my phone to take good selfies because in the new flat my room doesn’t get much daylight *sob* and I didn’t want to spend an extra ten minutes setting up my soft box light either! It’s also a godsend on nights out. This li’l beauty of course is from eBay and only cost £5.95.


TV Shows, Movies & Books

I have a habit of trawling the shelves in charity shops and second hand stores such as CEX for DVDs. In my January favourites I included The Munsters box set I snagged and this month I bagged the full Sex and The City box set for just £8!!! I only watched Sex and The City for the first time this summer on NowTV and now I have The Essential Collection for keeps.

Sing and The Lego Batman Movie are the movies I’ve seen at the cinema this month! I went to see Sing with my friend Gemma on a bored Tuesday night (our local cinema only charges £4 a ticket on Tuesdays!) and it was soooo much better than I thought it would be. So funny, emotional and I did feel like a big kid the whole time. I took my dad to see The Lego Batman Movie when he came for his birthday visit to Sunderland and it did not disappoint, lovely storyline and it definitely appealed to both the younger and older fans of the Lego movies!

Going back to my charity shop habits, I picked up Sharon Osbourne’s Autobiography: Extreme for £1, it’s hardback and everything! I never leave the dust covers on hardback books because they’re usually tacky and books tend to look much classier on my shelf without them, even though I do have some regret as there are greasy fingerprints all over it now. I’ve always loved the Osbourne family; as a moody teen I was obsessed with Kelly, as I grew up listening to Black Sabbath I fell in love with Ozzy and after watching The Osbournes reality TV show, I think I turned into Sharon. I still haven’t finished reading it yet but learning about her life before Ozzy is fascinating and seeing their wedding photos is just simply heartwarming.



For my 21st birthday (December 2015) my beautiful pal Rosie bought me the hemp lip balm (among other bits) from The Body Shop, she worked there at the time and definitely took advantage of her discount! It’s the perfect liquid lipstick base for my lips, it prevents the dry product from cracking  really efficiently. RRP £4.50

About a year ago, maybe longer, my lovely mumma gave me this eyeshadow quad pallette from Next. Next cosmetics aren’t cruelty free (to my knowledge) however I didn’t want to waste the product, it would be worse for the environment and the money has already gone to the company. The colours are gorgeous for Autumn and the copper compliments my new ginger hair nicely. The shades are really shimmery but not very pigmented which is okay because it is a buildable product. RRP £7.50.


Clothing & Accessories

When I posted a picture of the feminist t-shirt I bought from H&M on Instagram it got a lot of lovely comments from ladies asking where it was from and stating how desperately they needed to buy it, it just filled my heart with joy and I’m loving all the girl power on the shelves at the moment. It’s a really lovely quality t-shirt especially considering it only cost £8.99, it’s quite see through on me (curse of the mountainous chest), I think I managed to slightly combat that issue by buying it in a large so it isn’t so tight around my chest but I simply don’t care because it’s amazing!


I bought my first Bloody Mary Metal ring with my first ever student loan payment, it was the cross bones piece (£50) and I’ve not fallen out of love with it since. The rest quickly followed suit! They’re not cheap but they’re definitely worth the price, I often find scrimping on jewellery leads to a carelessly made product and there has been plenty of occasions where I’ve spent about £20 on a beautiful piece of jewellery that I would have paid £50 for and it’s broken on the first wear. All of the BMM rings I own cost between £40-50 and they are practically perfect in every way!

Someone first recommended ‘invisibobbles’ to me when I tweeted asking for tips dealing with heavy hair, I was constantly in pain when my hair was up in a ponytail or bun, my hair is just too heavy for my tiny pea head! I saw them for sale in Topshop for like £7 for three bobbles which in my opinion is frankly ridiculous so of course I hopped over to eBay and I found ten multicoloured ones for £1.89, including shipping. However, for Christmas my mum bought me some of the branded ones and they are a lot better quality. These bobbles are actually some kind of magic, they don’t leave kinks in your hair when you take them out and they relieve 100% of the pain I used to have with elastic bobbles AND they don’t fall down or out!!!


I hope you enjoyed my Feb Faves and if anyone reading this does monthly favourite posts, leave the links below for me to read!


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