Growing Up Gracefully??

Growing up is hard for everybody and if you were born in the late nineties chances are you’ll have similar memories to mine, and similar photographs that you took especially for MySpace or Piczo, some of mine even made it to Facebook. I’m most definitely not qualified to give any sort of life advice however, your early teens are destined for blue eyeshadow, dream matte mousse and disregarding your eyebrows. Seeing teens now with better make up skills than me (which isn’t hard really) does hurt my heart a little bit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE make up and I think it’s amazing that people so young have become so skilled in the art of beauty but where will your old embarrassing photos be if you’re always perfectly contoured with beautifully blended copper eyeshadow?? I will forever take pride in my fluorescent orange fishnet tights and my oversized neon pink eyeliner flicks! Writing that made me feel really old.

Warning: This post contains fantastically scene/emo pictures from my youth. Most of them are from my Facebook TAGGED photos rather than photographs I’ve carefully picked out and kept from over the years. We gon’ get uuuuuugly!

We shall start with the miscellaneous pictures that all got uploaded into someone’s Facebook album in the same day so there’s no clue as to year or month it was taken! And yes that is me with the pink hair, fake glasses and ridiculously huge necklace.

Then we arrive in 2010 when taking your mum’s digital camera to parties became cool. Yes, this photo does have ‘rawr <3’ edited onto the bottom of it. And I do have eyeliner cat face. Yes. I was one of those. Also the bandana on the head like a pirate look didn’t work too well for me but I did enjoy my fruit salad looking hair (notice my lack of eyebrows!)

Moving on to 2011… The year I left high school and had my prom! I made my own prom dress with the help of some family friends and apparently was the only one from my year that didn’t fake tan. My shoes were wedding shoes from Next as well haha! Blimey look at that last photo, skeletor face and AGAIN NO EYEBROWS!!!

2012, the year of the ever changing hair! The year I got Baz (my hamster), I wore bright purple jeans, had a fringe and grew it out again and went on underage nights out! And in the bottom middle picture you will see a photo of me and Stephen before we actually met/knew who each other was! The only reason I knew it was him was the wrist tattoo. Also check out those orange flowery docs, I still wear those beauties.

2013, the year of my first weekend long festival, it chucked it down for a whole three days (except for about an hour on the last day) but I loved every second of it, especially seeing Green Day play Dookie back to back! And the dawn of the black hair era.

2014, the year I went to Bruges and started uni! On the ferry to Bruges a waiter gave me and my mumma an origami napkin rose. A Christmas catch up with a friend in a coffee shop. A summer BBQ wearing two hats and a tiara. A picture of myself taken by a friend at uni on medium format black and white film.

2015, the last walk up Panns Bank with Sam before moving into my second year house and a year of good Hallowe’ens, pop art and Coroline!

2016, Leeds festival to see Die Antwoord & Chvrches, a beach day in Roker and Jessica Rabbit for Hallowe’en!

2017 – The end of the black hair era.

I simply cannot waaaait to see how embarrassing I find these photos in another seven years!

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