Weekend Adventure In York!

I had a weekend away in York with my lovely pal Emma! We stayed at Bay Horse for the night which was so enchantingly adorable and we spent the weekend exploring and shopping. I don’t like to shop in shopping centres so York is the perfect place for me!

Emma hasn’t seen much of York before so I tried to show her as much as I could before we left. We had dinner at The Punch Bowl, a Wetherspoons of course, I had Quorn sausages and chips, Emma had a chilli. We then went back to the hotel which was a B&B above a pub, watched some crappy telly and planned what we were going to do the next day.

We checked out at 10:30am and went on to explore the museum gardens which is one of my favourite places in the world. Sadly the pigeon man wasn’t there but it was still pretty!

And now here we go with the li’l shopping haul…

Now, I’m not usually one to buy anything that isn’t a pinafore dress but I’m trying to push the boat out on the kind of clothes and accessories I buy now because I realised how samey I always look. Short sleeved crop top, denim or corduroy pinafore dress, tights and Docs or Vans. Soooooo I tried to mix it up and I may have gone a bit tooooo far out of my comfort zone but I’m happy with my purchases!

Mustard pleather elasticated skirt from Zara. Original retail price was £19.99, lowered to £9.99, £7.99 and then £5.99 which is how much I picked it up for! I’ll try not to look like a bumble bee in this but I most likely will…

This is the only full price item I picked up and I’m always pleased to see the positive slogans on t-shirts in high street shops now! I got this t-shirt from H&M for £8.99. I’ll definitely be wearing this under my pinafore dresses, I tried it on whilst wearing a black bra and you could kind of see it so I won’t be wearing it outside on bright days!

LOOK HOW SHINYYYY!!!! I picked up all three pairs of shoes from New Look in the sale, having small feet means I always pick up amazing cheap shoes. Original retail price was £29.99, lowered to £15 then I managed to get them for a tenner! I’ll be wearing these will everrrrrrything.

Original retail price: £29.99 -> £14.99 -> £12!!! I always thought I’d look quite rockabilly in leopard print, maybe I’m more Coronation Street but I still love them!

Original retail price: £19.99 -> £14.99 -> £9.99 -> £6!!! These shoes don’t photograph well because of the height of the heel, but they made me feel like Cinderella! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect mid-calf length skirt (not yet found, if you have any suggestions please send links my way!) and I think these shoes would look beautiful with a dusty pink skirt that length.

I’m fully aware than my sense of style isn’t for everyone and I am definitely fashion impaired but I very much enjoy exploring the realms of clothing and accessories so bare with my awful clothing posts!




    • It’s the perfect day out in my opinion! The perfect mixture of chain stores and independent businesses. Let me know if you ever go and definitely blog about it!!
      I still haven’t worn the skirt but I’m creating the perfect outfit for it in my mind 🙊 xx

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