January Favourites 2017

I have decided to layout my monthly favourites into five categories per post; lifestyle/homeware, technology/music, TV shows/movies/books, cosmetics and clothing/accessories with two or three items in each category.

January is the month all of us students look forward to after being skint over Christmas, the student loan was in! I’ve never been any good at budgeting but now I pay monthly household bills I’ve been much more careful, however I am still allowed to treat myself!

So! Here we go for the first month of 2017;

Lifestyle & Homeware

For the past few years I’ve been collecting photo frames to display the copious amount of art prints and photographs I’ve accumulated and last year on an Ikea trip I bought two 55cm Mosslanda photo ledges. The house I lived in last year didn’t allow any changes to the layout of the rooms but the flat I live in now has amazing landlords that let us make the place feel like home. When we first moved in they installed the two ledges I had on my walls for me and I bought four more in January to fill up the gap between the other two! Each photo ledge has enough room to hold three 6×4″ frames so my six ledges are holding nineteen of my frames (two frames are smaller than my usual 6×4″)! I bought them from eBay, two pairs for £17.99 each with free delivery. I will be writing a full post specifically about my frame collection so I’ll save the photographs of my shelves for when that’s ready!

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Paint, Copper Blonde Hair Colour is the permanent dye I used as the last step to transform my hair from black to ginner gal gang member! It’s the perfect copper colour I wanted after searching for months and it cost £7 from Superdrug.


Technology & Music

Lucky li’l me got a pink Nintendo DS Lite from Stephen for Christmas! And he bought me it in January (poor student life) so it totally counts to be in my January favourites. Yes I have a Hello Kitty travel case for it and yes I’ve covered it in Disney, unicorn and rainbow stickers.

I downloaded the Best Friends App on my phone in the new year after watching GraveYardGirl recommend it on YouTube, I really enjoy arcade type – matching colours together – games so I knew I’d become addicted. In each level you can pick up keys which you can unlock boxes with when you complete the level, in these boxes you win diamonds and meteorites that you use to level up your Fiends. The Fiends are adorable little angry looking bugs that each has a special power that helps you complete the levels, so the higher their level, the more power they have to help you win!

Black Sabbath The End Tour was legitimately one of the best experiences of my life. Me and Stephen booked the tickets six months ago (as anyone that read my Sabbath Specific post) and we’d been insanely giddy ever since. Every aspect of the night was perfect. The support; Rival Sons were incredible and Ozzy was on top form.


TV Shows, Movies & Books

I managed to snatch up the box set of both seasons of The Munsters from CEX in January for £12ish, needless to say I was over the moon! One of my favourite things about The Munsters is that it was filmed after colour tv was invented but they chose to film in black and white due to the $10,000 price increase to film in colour!


Series Of Unfortunate Events on Netflix was sooooo much better than I thought it would be! I was obsessed with the books when I was younger and loved the movie that came out in 2004 so I was slightly concerned when I found out the series was going to be American. However, Neil Patrick Harris is a perfect Count Olaf, Patrick Warburton has the most soothing but sinister voice, Malina Weissman is the double of Emily Browning (both played Violet, Malina on Netflix and Emily in the movie) and the slight differences in the Netflix show that veer from the books and the movie keep it interesting without going too far off that would disappoint the fans.



Why Him? La La Land and Split were the three movies I saw at the cinema in January. Why Him? helped with the post Christmas depression I was feelin’, it was hilariously funny which is expected when the stars of the movie are James Franco and Bryan Cranston, I’d put it somewhere between Step Brothers and Meet The Fockers. La La Land was romantic through and through, the way it was filmed was spectacular, I wanted every single one of Emma Stone’s outfits and the music was dreamlike. Just purely beautiful and the ending was lovely without being predictable. Split was just plain genius. James McAvoy has never been an actor I’ve particularly thought about before but his portrayal of the multiple personalities were flawless, you could tell which character he switched to by a slight facial shift, the mannerisms were so significant but so discrete. And when I found out that it’s supposedly a prequel for Unbreakable, the ending made a lot more sense!



I have been hoarding Lime Crime velvetines for a very long time, I never wore lipstick before I discovered them because I was too messy and it just went everywhere! The most recent addition to my collection is the Girls Girls Girls bundle; Sasha (toasted rose), Cindy (terracotta), Gigi (taupe mauve), Lulu (peachy beige) and Elle (apricot nude). A set of nude shades that are flattering for all skin tones (and judging by their Instagram, they’re not lying!)

Shills deep cleansing peel-off black facial mask is the most recent (that I’ve noticed anyway) fad going around social media, videos of people peeling the mask off their faces revealing lots of removed blackheads. So to eBay I went, I paid £12 for it (I have put a lot of money into trying anything and everything to sort out my nightmare skin, so I didn’t think that was expensive at all) and I have only used it once so far. It advises to leave it on for 20-30 minutes, I left it on for around 25 minutes and when I could feel that it was dried solid I started my attempts to peel it off. Now, I had heard lots of reviews saying how painful it was and to avoid the eye area and not to apply too close to the hairline, I followed these instructions and yes it was painful but it was a satisfying sort of pain, like it had actually achieved something! I do wish I’d applied a thicker amount as it would have made it easier to peel off.

I’ve always had issues finding scents I like and when I finally found one I liked (Thierry Mugler’s Alien Essence Absolue) and it was horrendously out of my price range I went on a high street hunt for a more affordable perfume! Sun & Lust Gorilla perfumes from Lush were the ones I bought, between £12-14 each for 10ml. I had smelt every single perfume in the Sunderland Lush store before deciding on Sun, it smells like oranges and it’s very fresh but once I’d bought it and worn it for a few days it reminded me too much of sunny days to keep wearing it every day. Then I went back for Lust, I hadn’t stopped thinking about the smell as it was so peculiar and it definitely fits better for me during the Autumn/Winter season.


Clothing & Accessories

Dr Martens my safety net, reliable to always have something in stock that I fall in love with and wear/use til they fall apart. And low and behold, A JANUARY SALE!!! I paid £75 for both the shoes and the bag (of course I felt guilty for spending a lot of money but LOOK AT THEM).

Having stretched ears I love to wear hoop earrings through my tunnels, I have other ear piercings that earrings fit into but I prefer having small studs in them. Claire’s Accessories is where I’ve been getting a lot of earrings from as they often have a three for two deal.

Aaaaand that’s finally it for all of my January favourites!



  • I’m so obsessed with the Docs & bag! I also had very similar feelings about a Series of Unfortunate Events 😘✨ xxx

    • I know riiiiight, I still haven’t had the opportunity to use my bag and the shoes are taking so long to wear in 😭 xxx

  • I’m obsessed with doc’s as well I’ll have a look out for this pair they look amazing and the doc shop near me is having a sale! Great post

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