Homeware: Lighting

This post will be revealing the copious amount of lighting I have in my bedroom that I have collected since moving out of my parents’ house. It is a lot more than necessary however I am apparently a hoarder! I’ll try my best to remember the shops and prices to include them below. There is a lamp missing from this post but I have not yet figured out what kind of bulb is needed so I shall update this post once I eventually get one!

Shining beacon number one! I bought this fixture for my ‘big light’ (ceiling light) in about September time as the bulb in my room was bare. It’s one I’ll be bringing with me every time I move as it was easy to attach and casts a lovely shadow on my ceiling. It’s a copper colour with orange beading, fits with the decor in my room perfectly! I bought it from Wilkos for about £30ish.

Luminous light number two! This Pixar style lamp is a yellowish gold metallic kinda colour, it’s a bit too tall to be a side table lamp for me but that’s where my plugs are located in this room and it does it’s job! The light seems to be neither cold nor warm but somewhere nice in the middle. I got it from TK Maxx for I think around £20ish.

Beam of light number three! I bought this lantern from TK Maxx, it’s meant for candle light as it has a little tea light holder at the bottom but I filled it with Primark fairy lights instead. I keep it on my book shelf acting as a book end. The lantern cost around £15 and the fairy lights were most likely £5 and take three AA batteries.

Radiant light number four! These fairy lights are from Primark, again most likely costing around £5. They’re fantastic quality and a beautiful copper colour with warm light bulbs, they take three AA batteries. I keep them pinned up around the wooden beam above my bed to keep cosy!

Cinematic light at number five! As you may not know, I am an occasion wedding photographer so I’ve been after a good deal on one of these for quite a while. It cost £12 from Primark and it’s a lot bigger than others I’ve seen online. It takes three AA batteries and emits a very bright light.

My last little ray of light, number six! Annoyingly this stand alone light takes AAA batteries rather than AA (which I always have plenty of kicking about), however in every other way it’s ideal! It’s compact but not too small, the light is soft and warm and you can literally put it anywhere as it doesn’t need plugging in! It cost £5 from Primark, I just can’t seem to help myself in their home section.

If anyone has any homeware shop recommendations please let me know, my Pinterest revolves around theoretically decorating my future home and office!


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