Leeds Adventure 26.01.2017 – Black Sabbath!!!

Around six months ago Stephen and myself decided we wanted to do something to celebrate our two year anniversary (which was in September). We don’t often participate in the usual couple activities such as Valentine’s Day and showering each other with gifts for birthdays and Christmases. However, two years long distance is a pretty impressive feat and when we discovered Sabbath were playing their The End tour so close to us in LEEEEEEDS we just had to get tickets.

I had the date saved in my countdown app, getting more and more excited every day when it got closer, reminded myself to save up for merch and spent ages trying to find the cheapest hotel in Leeds as well as discounted train tickets, considering how expensive the concert tickets were!

We stayed in a new hotel called Ava Residence, still being refurbished from being an old peoples home, half the rooms weren’t ready yet but ours was beautiful! Comfy bed, gorgeous clean bathroom, perfectly warm, working TV etc and the most kind and helpful man working at the reception who answered every concern and question without hesitation.

After we settled in to the hotel and had a pre-Sabbath-nap we got the cheapest taxi journey I’d ever had from Speedline Taxis to First Direct Arena, went through the quickest queue and made a beeline straight to the merch stand, spent a lot more than I planned to but I shall be passing these t-shirts down to my children one day! We found our seats (yes seats, we’re tired old people now), which were luckily on the aisle (anxiety issues), quite far back but exactly in the centre. We had previously been sat in the wrong seats for about half an hour before the rightful owners came to sit, but thankfully our actual seats were even better.

A fantastic band I hadn’t heard of called Rival Sons were the supporting act, they really reminded me of something from the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack, raw and very powerful rock with a country-ish twang.

Rival Sons Setlist:

  1. Electric Man
  2. Secret
  3. Pressure and Time
  4. Tied Up
  5. Fade Out
  6. Open My Eyes
  7. Torture
  8. Keep On Swinging


Black Sabbath Setlist:

  1. Black Sabbath
  2. Fairies Wear Boots
  3. Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes
  4. After Forever
  5. Into the Void
  6. Snowblind
  7. War Pigs
  8. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  9. N.I.B.
  10. Hand of Doom
  11. Rat Salad
  12. Iron Man
  13. Dirty Women
  14. Children of the Grave


  15. Paranoid


Ozzy was on top form, running around the stage, swearing all over the shop, looked and sounded just perfect. Which I was insanely thankful for as I was terrified he was going to be all confused and not knowing which way was up.

I did an excited cry when the banner dropped and I saw him stood there all regal like, the ten minute drum solo was INSANE.

After the concert, we had a bit of post-gig depression so we ordered Dominos when we got back to the hotel and made plans for the next day, our check out was at 11am and our train was at 2pm so we had plenty of time for a bit of shopping and some lunch.

Stephen is coeliac which means he can’t ingest any gluten at all or it makes him severely ill and usually trying to find properly gluten free places to eat is incredibly difficult. However he had done his research and chose 2 Oxford Place as the holy grail of lunch, it took us about 15 minutes to walk there after our taxi from the hotel dropped us off outside the train station and we were not disappointed! The service was impeccable, the guy working there (it’s a small cafe, only two members of staff were present) was so lovely, funny, knowledgeable and very understanding with the two most difficult customers ever when it comes to food (I’m vegetarian and just plain fussy). Photos from Google, I didn’t bring my camera and the picture I took on my phone was awful!

I am quite the shopper, I find it very hard to save money so I was proud of myself for only buying Nintendogs for my DS that Stephen bought me for Christmas and a faaaaaab hoodie from H&M that matches my tattoo!

That concludes my lovely ‘weekend’ away in Leeds!



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