What’s In My Camera Bag?

Being a student and being quite a skint person in general does make accumulating camera equipment a challenge, however, it is better to have a small kit and know the ins and outs of everything you have rather than to be an ‘all gear no idea’ photographer.

Most of my equipment is second hand and I’ll try my best to remember where I bought it and how much it cost.

I am definitely a Canon girl so inside my camera bag (which is incidentally a large soap and glory zip up box bag) I possess two DSLR cameras, an 1100D which has a scratch on the mirror so very rarely gets used and a 600D which is fantastic. I bought them both new (as they were under the £500 price range and luckily I have a fantastic and supportive family that help me out. I’m 90% sure that I got them from Curry’s/PC World.

My Canon ‘nifty fifty’ 50mm lens is my go to for most things, it’s extremely flattering for portraits especially and with the narrow depth of field it blurs the background bringing the focus to the right place. I definitely paid under £50 for this lens and I bought it second hand but unused from eBay.


75mm-300mm. I’m hoping to eventually own a longer focal length telephoto lens as I have a keen interest in astronomy and would love to photograph the night sky, it is possible to capture the moon with this lens however it isn’t as close as I’d like to get. I got this lens for around £30 I think from a second hand camera shop in York (I think!).


17mm-85mm. An amazing lens for candid portraits; street photography and weddings etc. I paid around £100 for this lens about a year ago when I started to do weddings more often so I thought I’d invest in a new one! However the user I bought it from on eBay had tinkered with it and it’s very temperamental in terms of actually working.


My battery powered lighting equipment contains a Meke ring flash that I managed to get on eBay for under £10 and works beautifully and a Speedlite flash gun that I bought from a friend at college for about £20. Ideally in the future I’d like all of my equipment to be Canon branded as I know it’s reliable and a brand I trust but that’s more of an end goal in my career as opposed to something I’d be able to afford in the next 5 years.

Diana F+ lomography camera. Bought from an amazing Depop account called FilmIsNotDead. I have been having a few issues with winding the film (35mm) on but the FilmIsNotDead customer service is wonderful and they’re helping me out! The camera came with a fantastic book showing a collection of lomography taken by people of all walks of life and I’ve loved looking through it too see what this camera is capable of.

Kodak Brownie. Bought from an amazing Depop account called FilmIsNotDead. I haven’t yet had a chance to experiment with this camera as the film it takes is difficult to find and very expensive.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. As most millennials do, I have in my possession the modern day ‘Polaroid’. However my blood boils when people called these cameras Polaroids as Polaroid is a brand, not a word for instant camera. Like all Jacuzzis are hot tubs but not all hot tubs are Jacuzzis. Polaroid, like Jacuzzi, is a brand, not the thing itself.

I bought my Instax on the John Lewis website about 3 years ago as they were doing a deal where you got two free film cartridges with the camera. The camera itself is not that pricey at £60ish depending where you purchase one, but the film is, getting 10 frames per cartridge at around £5 each, it’s something to be saved for special occasions. I hope to soon advance on to the Fujifilm Instax Wide as I usually shoot in landscape so it would suit my photographic style better than the Mini 8.


Pentax MZ-M 35mm analogue camera. I managed to snipe this essential for £25 on eBay two years ago and I’ve not left it alone since. It has a built in light meter in the viewfinder and it automatically winds on your film!!!


I’m currently saving up for a full frame DSLR (Canon of course) and a medium format analogue camera, preferably Hasselblad or Bronica but they are VERY expensive!

I do own more cameras but they are currently at my parents’ house as I don’t have storage for them in my flat but I shall update this post when I next visit.

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