10 Facts About Me

1. My family are close knit and lame, we call Christmas ‘Mozmas’ because our last name is Morris.

2. I work in a nightclub called Welly, it’s smelly and I love it.

3. Cross stitching stopped me from biting my nails and helped me cut down smoking!

4. My favourite things to photograph are weddings.

5. I have been in a (successful!!!) long distance relationship for two years with my lovely boyf Stephen.


6. Something about my personality attracts strange people; tobacco chewing, wearing a pot on an unbroken arm, false finger nails falling out of orifices etc (and these examples are all from different people).

7. I am left handed.

8. I can lick my own nose.

9. I collect unusual photo frames from charity shops.

10. I wish Baymax from Big Hero 6 was real.


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